Located on the island of Fårö, the Bergmancenter is a museum and meeting place that focuses on the life and artistic achievements of legendary director and writer Ingmar Bergman.

The Bergman Week will take place on June 22-28, 2015. The program will be announced shortly, followed by the beginning of ticket sales!

The Bergmancenter is now closed for the season and will reopen for the public in may 2015. Visits for groups can be arranged during the off-season. Contact us at

Bergmancenter färgfasad 130208 ren

At the Bergmancenter you will find:


The Drawing Room, inspired by Bergman’s Fanny and Alexander (1982). Laterna Magica, a video installation produced by the Deutsche Kinemathek. Fårö – Ingmar Bergman’s Cinematic Landscape, a permanent exhibition that takes visitors through Bergman’s work in Fårö and his relationship with the island. Fårö Museum displays a recreated old shop from the 1960s, as well as an exhibition about the widespread emigration from Fårö in the late 19th century, produced by The Local Heritage Association of Fårö. Read more about the current exhibitions here.

Café Smultronstället

Where you can enjoy good coffee, cakes and light meals in a beautiful surrounding. Smultronstället is a swedish word that means both ‘wild strawberries spot’ and ‘favorite whereabout’, a place where one can relax and enjoy being alive. 


With a selection ranging from the history of Fårö to Bergman’s work (including books translated into several foreign languages).


Our own private cinema (64 seats), ideal for both film screenings and other performances.

Creative Workshop

Open for all those with an interest in artistically expressing themselves, for both the young and the old, children, youths or adults. Read more here.

Guided Tours

Gain a deeper understanding of current exhibitions in the Bergmancenter and also throughout the island of Fårö, visiting Ingmar Bergman’s film locations.

Bergman Weekend

A lovely weekend experiencing both Ingmar Bergman’s work and the island of Fårö, through screenings and different guided tours, as well as delicious meals and great accommodation on the island. Organized in May and September.

The Bergman Week

A summer festival organized annually by the Bergmancenter at the end of June, with screenings, performances, concerts, talent campus, lectures and guided tours, which will attract Bergman lovers and also anyone interested in culture. More here.


  • 1 November, 2014 22:55

    Fanny and Alexander with a Christmas rice pudding lunch!

    Fanny och Alexander is Ingmar Bergman’s most loved film, a vivacious portrayal of childhood with  both light and darkness, lighthearted yet serious. Bergman himself often claimed that the only authentic version of the film was the long one. The Bergman Center will be screening the five-hour-long version of Fanny and Alexander on Saturday 29th  November, [...]

  • 15 July, 2014 21:22

    The Bergman Center on Fårö – Programme 2014

    Coming up:
    30 Sept. – Bergman center closes for the season

    6 Dec.
    11.00-18.00 Fanny&Alexander, the long version (5 hours). Lunch: Christmas rice pudding. 200 SEK.

  • 6 July, 2014 21:25

    The Magic Flute on Gotland

    The Magic Flute on Gotland. Performance at the Bergman Center on Fårö, 24th August 7.30 p.m.

    In order to meet public demand, the dress rehearsal of The Magic Flute on Fårö on Sunday 24th August at 3 p.m. will be open to the public.
    Tickets: 75 SEK for adults and 25 SEK for children under the age of 16.

  • 23 June, 2014 09:09

    Bergman’s Summer Films 2014 – “At the waters edge”


    Mondays July and August 19.00
    The Bergman Center on Fårö, The Cinema

    Membership card Bergman’s summer films (compulsory): 50 SEK
    Admission screening with introduction: 50 SEK

  • 18 June, 2014 19:03

    Enact a scene from THE MAGIC FLUTE in the Bergman Week!

    Enact a scene from THE MAGIC FLUTE in the Bergman Week! At the Creative Workshop, the Bergman Center, 26th June 10.00-17.00 Pulp Puppets create live animated stage art where the public watch the film being shot and screened at the same time. With simple tools and complicated solutions, we’ll piece our pictures together. Come and [...]

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