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Trolosa 1
Director Liv Ullmann
Duration 2 t 35 min + Q&A 20 min
Language Swedish, Engl. subtitles
Price SEK 150.00

Bergman Week — 2024.06.25 10:00-13:00


A sometimes brutal depiction of infidelity, in which Berg- man’s script blends fiction and his own painful memories of a divorce. In the form of a dream play, Bergman
is writing forth a female character who soon enough becomes “real” (Lena Endre). Bergman: “So I am having Marianne tell a story – which is both mine and hers. [...] just might let both Markus, the husband, and David, the lover, have their say, too.” A reinterpretation of Faithless, directed by Tomas Alfredson will premiere next year as a tv series. 

Screening followed by a Q&A with Lena Endre, conducted by Johan Hallström


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