Guide to Fårö

For our faraway guests, here are some pointers on how to easily get from the mainland of Sweden to the islands Gotland and Fårö, and how best to get around on the islands. If you travel from abroad, first go to Stockholm and then we’ll guide you to the Bergman Week.


Fårö’s location and size

Fårö lies just north of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. You get to Fårö from Fårösund on Gotland with a car ferry. Fårö has an area of 113 square kilometers and from one end to the other, Fårö is 25 km wide. Along that stretch, the main road of the island runs from the ferry port at Broa to Holmudden at the northeast part of the island. Around 500 people are all-year residents on Fårö, but in the summer that number rises substantially.

– Reception Bergman Week (buy your tickets here),
– Theatre
– Exhibitions
– Creative workshop
– Radio breakfasts
– Café Smultronstället
2. Sudersand cinema. Screenings all summer!
3. Fårögården (accomodations)/resaturant Simunds
4. Bygdegården (café)
5. Kuten, Bistro Albatross, Slow train, Laterna Magica, theatre, book shop, Crêperie Tati with Bergman Week discounts!
6. Fårö church
7. Gamlehamn
8. Lauters café
9. Bergman’s cinema, Dämba
10. Ferry Fårösund–Fårö
11. Cinema Roy
12. Kustateljén/Studios Fårösund
13. ICA
13. Sylvis döttrar (bakery and café)
14. Carlsson’s restaurant
15. Vinor restaurant
16. Stora Gåsemora Gård (accomodation)

How to get to Gotland from the mainland

You can travel to Gotland by either air or sea. Flights and ferries both arrive in Visby and the broadest selection of departures are from Stockholm.

By Air

Gotlandsflyg and SAS (from most parts of Sweden)
Norwegian, Nextjet (from Stockholm)
Wideroe (from Oslo)

By Ferry

The Gotland ferry to Visby departs from Nynäshamn and Oskarshamn. If you plan to depart from Nynäshamn without a car, you can either take the commuter train from Stockholm or a bus from the central station. You can bring your car or bike along on the ferry. More information is available on Destination Gotland’s web site,, where you can also book your ticket.

How to get around on Gotland and Fårö

The distance between Visby and Fårösund is about 50 km, easily travelled by car, or the local bus. Though, note that the local bus has infrequent departures. Car is definitely recommended! A car ferry free of charge takes you from Fårösund to Fårö in seven minutes. On Fårö, the easiest way to get around is by car, especially if you plan on visiting the Bergman Week locations both at Sudersand on Fårö and in Fårösund, as this may mean a daily drive of about 20 kilometres. If you stay around the locations at the middle of the island, a bike may be enough.

By Car

The easiest way to get around on Gotland, and Fårö is definitely by car. There are plenty of car rentals both at the airport and the ferry terminal in Visby. At Fårösund you can rent a car at Carina’s Car Rental + 46 70823 14 08.

By Taxi

The local cab company is Fårö Cab +46 498 22 35 94.

By Bus

Bus 20 goes between the bus terminal in Visby and Fårösund where the Fårö-ferry departs. In the summertime, some buses continue to Fårö, going all the way to Skär on the northern part of the island. A timetable is available at (in Swedish). Traffic on Fårö is highly limited and too infrequent to let you easily get around between the Bergman Week event locations on Fårö and in Fårösund.

By Bike

Bikes can be rented just outside the ferry terminal in Visby as well as at several places on Fårö. If you are a bicycle enthusiast or don’t make your schedule too tight, a bike is enough to get around during the week. If you are without a car, do hitch a hike for the longer rides from one of the other guests at the Bergman Week!

Cykel-Börje’s next to ICA groceries +46 498-22 34 02
Sudersand Camping +46 498-22 35 36
Fårögården +46 498-22 36 39
Jannes Cykel in Fårösund +46 498-22 16 83

The Fårö Ferry

The car ferry between Fårösund and Fårö is free of charge and makes the trip in seven minutes. The ferry leaves twice an hour, on the hour and half past (departing from Fårö about seven minutes later). During the high season, the ferry goes off-schedule into shuttle traffic mode. Between 2 and 4 AM, the ferry only leaves if the staff has been notified in advance of waiting passengers on phone +46 771 65 65 65.



Fårögården is beautifully situated and overlooking the sea. Fårögården offers both hostel rooms and Bed & Breakfast. Here you will also find bikes for rent and a restaurant.
Contact:, +46 498-22 36 39

Stora Gåsemora gård

Stora Gåsemora gård is near Fårögården and offers an amazing view of the sea. The lovely manor is from the 18th century. Gåsemora offers several forms of self-catering accommodation, including modern flats, beach cabins and a mill.
Contact:, +46 498-22 37 26

Slow Train Bed and Breakfast

Next to Friggars and Kuten at the middle of Fårö. Several different kinds of accommodation available.
Contact:, +46 498-22 68 18

Sudersands semesterby

Sudersands Semesterby lies just by the sea, with its beach, shops and restaurants and provides both hostel rooms and cabins.
Contact:, +46 498-22 35 36


Strandskogen is also conveniently situated in Sudersand. They have cabins for rent as well as a camping site.
Contact:, +46 498-22 36 72

Fårö kursgård

Fårö kursgård just by Fårö church offers hostel rooms and Bed & Breakfast.
Contact:, +46 498-22 41 33.

Fåröhus Wärdshus

Fåröhus lies just before Fårö church. They offer hostel rooms and Bed & Breakfast, and also have bikes for rent as well as a restaurant.
Contact:, +46 498-22 40 10

Lansa Gård

Lansa Gård is located at the south west side of Fårö. You can rent your own house or an apartment. Live nearby the ocean, and farming with animals like sheep, typical for Fårö.
Contact:, +46 498-22 40 43

Private accomodation

We can also help you find residents at Fårö from whom you can rent rooms or cottages during Bergman Week. For more information, please see this pdf: Private Accommodation.

Useful links

For further information about travel and activities on Gotland, please visit these sites: has lots of information about Gotland and Fårö. where you can, among many other things, book your ferry tickets. is Gotland’s official tourist information site.

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  • The Magic Flute on Gotland

    The Magic Flute on Gotland. Performance at the Bergman Center on Fårö, 24th August 7.30 p.m.

    In order to meet public demand, the dress rehearsal of The Magic Flute on Fårö on Sunday 24th August at 3 p.m. will be open to the public.
    Tickets: 75 SEK for adults and 25 SEK for children under the age of 16.

  • Bergman’s Summer Films 2014 – “At the waters edge”


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